A review of Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson

Walter's methodical investigation into the story of Elon Musk is well done. His simple vernacular affords the masses to easily understand the concepts behind the stories, however for some, perhaps it comes off as too simple.

The book is presented matter-of-fact, with few references, observations, and conclusions made directly by Walter. Rather, the stories told are in the words of those he interviewed, leaving the reader to ponder the implications on their own.

The first half of the book moves very quickly. But the second half moves increasingly slowly. As if a written form of Xeno's Paradox, the book never reaches it's destination. This, however, is no fault of Walter's, except perhaps in the timing of the book, which feels a few years too early.

I was hoping to feel inspired at the conclusion, but instead I felt relieved to be finished.